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Confidentiality vs Availability

Confidentiality is when you trust a site or program or something like that, like iChat for example. Some programs, like jabber, can read everything you say. So if you’re on Confidentiality’s side, then you  trust the people not to read the stuff. Availability is where you’re pessimistic and know that the guys are trustworthy  now, but are cautious that the site or program could be bought by some evil company or person and they take all your data and stalk you and stuff like that. My dad told me to post something about this (again). I’m on Availability’s side. Dad is playing guitar… well, used to be. He’s going wee now. He’s a really good guitar player and that’s why I’m learning guitar from him. He also doesn’t charge me for lessons.


2 Responses to “Confidentiality vs Availability”

  1. You know, I should start a category called, “Dad Told Me”.

  2. I think I didn’t get the point across quite right… but you crack me up with the “going wee now” bit…

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