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Catching Up

January 27, 2010

NO I AM NOT ABANDONING MY ONE AND ONLY BLOG. For a while i just kinda… forgot. Anyway, I got my iPod Touch. It’s so awesome and shweet (intentionally misspelled) except it locks up and freezes a lot, along with the glitch where you charge it all night, unplug it with full battery, and the […]


May 7, 2009

Hey guys guess vvhat? I’m doing a research project about Russia so if you find anything interesting tell me. B4N!

Found new awesome site!!!!

April 21, 2009

As you all know, I am a web surfer. I have to do it in order to keep this web site running. I have to! And  if all I did was surf, and didn’t post about it, then this site would be the second worst site in the world. The awesome site I found is […]

iTouch vs. Nokia N810

April 19, 2009

There are these two handheld thingies and I want the iTouch because Justin has one and it’s really really really really really really really really really really cool. But dad wants me to get the Nokia doohickey because it’s less expensive and he doesn’t know if it’s a touch-screen or not and it’s sooo boring. You should look at why […]

School Walk for Diabetes!!!

April 17, 2009

Diabetes is a very deadly disease that disables the ability to walk… I’m pretty sure. Anyway, The whole fourth grade did a walk for about five miles today. Well, some of the people are slowpokes and can’t get their behind up and running. They do about two miles. Anyway, you can see we get a […]

The Official Guide to April Fool’s!!!

March 31, 2009

1. The cereal box switcharoo: All you need is two different cereal boxes. Switch the bags so corn flakes have cheerios, and cheerios have corn flakes. (These two cereals were only used for example. Any two will work as long as they’re different.) That way, when the victim picks his favorite cereal of cheerios that […]


March 31, 2009

Stop cheating, carson!!!!!

Confidentiality vs Availability

March 27, 2009

Confidentiality is when you trust a site or program or something like that, like iChat for example. Some programs, like jabber, can read everything you say. So if you’re on Confidentiality’s side, then you  trust the people not to read the stuff. Availability is where you’re pessimistic and know that the guys are trustworthy  now, […]

Biggest idea ever!!!!!!!!!!

March 26, 2009

Okayokayokay guys. Listen to me. I got an idea. You know about pollution and stuff? How it affects the earth? If we can’t recycle most trash, why don’t we send the trash into space? No more landfills! How do I get it there, you ask? With an elevator! Just load the stuff on and they’re […]

You guys! Wake up!!!

March 26, 2009

Guys, you gotta comment. Seriously.