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Found new awesome site!!!!

As you all know, I am a web surfer. I have to do it in order to keep this web site running. I have to! And  if all I did was surf, and didn’t post about it, then this site would be the second worst site in the world. The awesome site I found is #1 world-worst web site. And they TRY to be the world’s worst site. They’re trying to demonstrate what NOT to do when building a site. I know, I have some of the stuff they say not to do, but I JUST FOUND THE SITE TODAY and that’s why I don’t have the things they say to have. I’ll edit it. Keep your cool. Here’s the world’s worst site. That poke the penguin game is pretty funny. He does different things each time, so it’s not as funny if you only do it one time. I’ll create a link to contact me, and do a lot of changes to the site but the only thing that stays is the appearance. I love my background. It is so awesome. Anyway, enjoy the site!


2 Responses to “Found new awesome site!!!!”

  1. Btw, I found that site at school in computer class when the teacher showed it to me. There are pros and cons of school. Just like there are pros and cons of life. Just a few cons.

  2. Hey Choderbug. What’s up with the penguin? He doesn’t do anything…was that the joke?

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