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iTouch vs. Nokia N810

There are these two handheld thingies and I want the iTouch because Justin has one and it’s really really really really really really really really really really cool. But dad wants me to get the Nokia doohickey because it’s less expensive and he doesn’t know if it’s a touch-screen or not and it’s sooo boring. You should look at why I want the iTouch. Whoops. Forgot the h in iTouch. Oh, well. iTouch wins!!


2 Responses to “iTouch vs. Nokia N810”

  1. So it turns out I’m working for my dad to get money for the iTouch. I’ll let you know when I get it. Brudda has an iTouch, and I watch him play it’s AWESOME APPS and sometimes he was nice enough to let me play, despite that he is usually evil. So that’s how I decided to get the iTouch. =)

  2. you should write a review when you get it…I’m debating on buying one but am waiting for mercury to go out of retrograde (its an astrology thing) heres a review for the N810 just in case you still wanted to compare…

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