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School Walk for Diabetes!!!

Diabetes is a very deadly disease that disables the ability to walk… I’m pretty sure. Anyway, The whole fourth grade did a walk for about five miles today. Well, some of the people are slowpokes and can’t get their behind up and running. They do about two miles. Anyway, you can see we get a good long hour or so to walk and chat. This is HEAVEN to me, as long as it avoids that cramped old room with my grouchy teacher. I mean, why be inside with 20 other people studying history when it’s the best day ever outside? The only thing bad today is that I got a leg cramp playing soccer. Anyway, Erick’s mom got me a double stack from wendy’s, (those fries were GOOD!) and that’s about it. None of you would be interested in what I learned today. just some algerbra, stuff about slaves, and life cycles. Spelling, too. PLZ PLZ PLZ COMMENT.


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