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The Official Guide to April Fool’s!!!

1. The cereal box switcharoo: All you need is two different cereal boxes. Switch the bags so corn flakes have cheerios, and cheerios have corn flakes. (These two cereals were only used for example. Any two will work as long as they’re different.) That way, when the victim picks his favorite cereal of cheerios that lower your cholesterol, he gets those disgusting corn flakes! >=P

2. The worry worry machine: all you need is your wonderful taunting abilities. When it’s a month or two before April fool’s, Start saying: “It’s almost April fools and I have something REALLY good for you!” In a sneaky tone and grin thoughtfully. Say this every day and when it’s April Fool’s, don’t do anything. 😉

3. The sneaky questionnaire: All you need is the ability to speak and and a very confident victim. Say you are going to give them four questions, and that they have to say the incorrect answer to all four to win. First question: make it real easy, like, Are you a boy? Boys would say no and girls would say yes. If they say otherwise, they’ve lost already. Second question: also real easy. Like, Is that a wall? and point to a wall. They say no. If they say yes, they lose already. Third question’s real easy again. Like, is there wood in this house? Normally, they’d spot something wooden and say no. if they say yes, they lose. Fourth question: This is where you actually trick the person. Say, “That’s three questions I’ve said now, right?” and then they’ll say yes which is the correct answer. They lose!

Think these are stupid and want more? I’ve got a whole book of ’em. Think you’ve got a brilliant one and want to add it? comment and I’ll edit it if I like it.


11 Responses to “The Official Guide to April Fool’s!!!”

  1. Hey man guuueeeeeeesssssss who!!! lil’ nater brater I tried the trick with the opposite answers on my dad I kept looking at the computer so he kind on knew what I was trying to do

  2. HEY MAN

  3. BYE!!

  4. okay how do you get out of leave a reply!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I stillllll cant get oouutt!!!!!

  6. HHHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. You can’t get out of leave a reply unless you log off.

  9. And cool name. Oh. right. the guess-who thing. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Uhh………………………… Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh……
    ( 5 days later) Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… Eri- no, not that. Ok, I’m just gonnna name all of the people in the world. k? Just kidding, Nate. I know who you are. I didn’t know your mom would let you have an account on anything. Is Toto still cute? Toots is so cute.

  10. To those who don’t know Nathan, Toto is his cute dog. Sometimes we call him toots. No, I am NOT obsessed with dogs. There’s this girl, Audrey, and SHE is the one obsessed with dogs. If you compared us two, you’d think I hate dogs. They are smelly, but not toots. Never ever will tootsie smell.

  11. ever. never ever.

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