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Bits vs. Atoms

Bits is laptops, cables, computers, etc. Atoms is paper, notebooks, desks, etc. Printers, for example, are things that turn bits into atoms. Right? Well, scanners are the opposite. They turn atoms into bits. If you don’t know what scanners are, they’re things that you put paper in to make it pop up on the screen. Anyway, I was wrong about the “turning into” stuff. They just duplicate things to make them the other thing. I’m talking to dad about who should get which job (Remember that thing? He makes us work for that. I am not that happy about my job, but I’m getting to like it. Justin and I both want to be the project manager.) He says I’ll get to be the “Bits Manager” and Justin will be the “Atoms Manager”. This means I get to work tech., and Justin works with old-fashioned stuff. I don’t find a problem with pencil and paper, but I just prefer computers. Man, this post is probably the longest I’ve done. Anyway, I left more questions than answers, so just PLEASE comment.


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