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Dad’s new toy

Ooooookayyy… dad got a new “toy” (toys are what he calls something really cool to him) and he wants me to blog about it.  I haven’t gotten to see it yet because he didn’t show me… hang on a sec.
Ok. he showed it to me, but didn’t tell me what it does. It looks like a sidekick, but has the colors of an iPod. You know, white and grey and stuff. He says it has GPS and Wi-Fi. The old one doesn’t (duh! =o_). Yeah that’s supposed to be a guy drooling, if you were wondering. I’ll comment when I find out more.


One Response to “Dad’s new toy”

  1. Ok, I found out more. It’s a touch screen, there are little glowy pictures that I THINK are buttons, it has a phone, (he just called home when he IS home just to try it!) It has a web browser, (duh! =o_) Oh, the most important thing. Right. The name. G1. No, I’m serious. The name of the toy is G1. Really! G1!

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