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O.K. here are list of things ordered by priority. If it has a B for Blagger, that’s what I do, and if it has an E for everyone, we both do it. If it has a Y for you,  only you do it.

Y   priority 1: Get a lot more people looking at this site. I mean in the thirties and forties and fifties, man! Yesterday we had a whole 28 going, and then we dropped down to 8 today! I can’t believe the busiest day was 38 people. only 38!

E  priority 2: Get some commenting going. I want to hear your opinion about the site, and some suggestions for it.

B   priority 3: Have more topics. Lighten the place up! We could get more popularity by the second by doing this.I checked those reffering
pages, and there were quite a few.


One Response to “To-Do”

  1. So do your mission, blog soldiers! I might even reward you with a promotion. If you don’t know what a promotion is, you’ll find out. They’re good. If you have any suggestions on priority 4, just let me know by commenting.

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