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Midwest Web Sense

Do you like your dad? somtimes I do, sometimes I don’t. So why not do something nice for you dad? Like inspire more people to go to his web site? My dad’s site has really awesome stories like “KC to MIT and back again” and others! It’s called … I think. So why go there, you ask? well, why not? what are you waiting for?

WAY WAY WAY off topic, but I have a trampoline in my backyard.


4 Responses to “Midwest Web Sense”

  1. Hey great site. To boost popularity I will try to spread the word about the site. Later poopkong3

  2. Thanks, poopkong, whoever you are. And I’m trying to spread the word.

    Again, that was SO EASY. Right, poopkong and jobonsai?

    And now I’m starting to wonder why you commented in Midwest Web Sense instead of chirp chirp chirp. Nothing bad, I guess.

  3. Oops! I meant to comment on *chirp chirp chirp*.

  4. Well, its nothing bad. right?

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