fun and games

*chirp chirp chirp*

Guys, this is not cool. Nobody’s commenting! I know you’re on this site, because I checked the little graph thingy in the stats section on That could be just machines, though. And if you’re on here, you clearly have to see the “no comments” thing  right below the message. Just click on it, then post. Please. Pretty please. WITH a cherry on top! No spamming, please!


3 Responses to “*chirp chirp chirp*”

  1. Hi Choderbug! I like your random thoughts – keep ’em coming.

    I think your dad must be pretty cool.

    Just my .02

  2. Thanks. You’re the first one to reply. And I’ll have lots of random thoughts. And yes, my dad is good. at times. Anyway, see how easy that was, people??? I even left a friendly reply! Why aren’t any people doing it??? Lemme guess, you pulled a fast one on me and told everyone in the history of history not to comment. Well, It’s not going to work on me! I’m telling all my friends to comment!

  3. and please just call me Blagger. It’s easier to remember. Some people type in chodorbug instead of choderbug.

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