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Sungha Jung

February 28, 2009

Cool youtube videos!


Viewer RECORD!!!!!!!

February 27, 2009

We made the record!

Happily Hers

February 26, 2009

I just stumbled across this blog when I saw the little “possibly related topics” thingy. It’s really cool (to me) and it’s called The story I found in “possibly realted topics” and\or the one I liked was “I said the W word“. If you go there you’ll see my comment.

Dad’s new toy

February 26, 2009

Dad got a new toy!

The game thing…

February 25, 2009

It’s my video game opinion. What games I like, dislike, and have played recently.


February 25, 2009

DO THESE. It’s for the site’s and YOUR good.

Midwest Web Sense

February 22, 2009

Do you like your dad? somtimes I do, sometimes I don’t. So why not do something nice for you dad? Like inspire more people to go to his web site? My dad’s site has really awesome stories like “KC to MIT and back again” and others! It’s called … I think. So why go […]

witch doctor

February 22, 2009

There’s this cool song I found on youtube and It’s called “witch doctor“. Enjoy!

*chirp chirp chirp*

February 22, 2009

Guys, this is not cool. Nobody’s commenting! I know you’re on this site, because I checked the little graph thingy in the stats section on That could be just machines, though. And if you’re on here, you clearly have to see the “no comments” thingĀ  right below the message. Just click on it, then […]