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One laptop per Kyle

On 7 Oct 2007, Kyle wrote:

There’s a really cool game that’s a really cool game which is called BOTS!! But I can’t play it because you have to have enternet explorer7 and I don’t have that because it’s only on “Microsoft Windows XP” and I really want that computer but does dad say yes? NO!!!!!! NO!!!!! NOOOO!!!!! poopy. I’m still mad at dad.

The scanned notebook page is even more emphatic:

journal 7 Oct

I was inspired by a talk at a panel to get him an XO instead.

I came home and told him I’d get something better than a PC, and I gave him some clues. Take a look at his page of guesses: no, it’s not a PSP, not a DS, not a blackberry, Kyle.

Gizmo guesses

I had lunch with Kyle at school and told him the news. Watch the video of Kyle at lunch.

I have one give-one-get-one package on order for Kyle; if you’re feeling like a patron of the arts and you want to see what happens if his two older brothers get one too, feel free to send us a Chrismas Card with a little something inside.


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